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Flash Audio/ Video Streaming

Streaming is a new functionality incorporated in Flash, a functionality that supports video, and a new file arrangement to sustain streaming. The main characteristic of Flash audio or video streaming separates the streamable content from the flash movie, so that the flash movie/audio can act as a multimedia player and a storage mechanism for streamable content, facilitating loading of a stream when preferred. Adobe Flash supports uncompressed sound and an array of compressed formats and the ‘Screen Video’ format, the latest version and a loss less format, is especially developed for screen capturing.

Flash audio/video streaming is the latest addition to our growing portfolio of Flash application development service offerings. Ideal for businesses desiring a highly interactive and interesting portrayal on the web, Flash audio/video streaming is for those who require seamless and technologically adept solutions.

We merge the unique facets of Flash audio/video streaming to develop effectual Flash videos (FLV). Today, Flash video streaming is the preferred option in use with flash videos since it has a number of advantages over progressive downloading. We at Synapse, develop effectual flash videos or FLVs for our international clients. We cater to individual requirements in case of developing flash videos and usually show flash videos (high quality, medium quality, and low quality) depending on the clients’ bandwidth.

Flash video streaming benefits:

  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Direct integration into existing Flash environment
  • File upload to a worldwide streaming network
  • No need to setup and maintain video servers
  • Pre-defined skins
  • Customized video controls and HTML
  • Automatic tracking and report generation
  • Fast and Reliable Flash Video Delivery
  • Message delivery around the world with capacity for any size event
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Integrated suite of behaviors and controls into the Flash environment
  • Full extensibility with ActionScript 2.0
  • Instant video streaming

Bandwidth is an important criterion that comes into play when flash audio/video streaming services are offered. Systems with higher bandwidth enjoy high quality flash videos, and file sizes, bit rates, and buffering are usually higher in this case. Lower bandwidth is generally associated with low quality flash videos, less file sizes, bit rates, and low buffering. This is an important reason why bandwidth becomes a major decisive factor while providing flash audio/streaming services.

We at Synapse, give due importance in choosing a judicious selection of file sizes, bit rates, and buffering according to individual client requirements so that our clients can enjoy uninterrupted streaming irrespective of their bandwidth.

Why flash audio/video streaming is beneficial:

  • Short time between recording and publication
  • Efficient compression for minimum delay
  • Does not require special server facilities
Flex 2 framework is another latest arena where we are steadily building our expertise. A rich Internet application (RIA) framework based on Flash, Flex 2 software enables creation of scalable applications appropriate for virtually all platforms. The advantage of Flex is that it combines the richness of desktop applications coupled with cross-platform advantage of Adobe engagement platforms. At Synapse, we utilize the groundbreaking Flex software to develop client-side logic applications by integrating XML, web services, or other services as required by the client. A notable aspect of Flex is that components and user interface gadgets are used in an intuitive and appropriate way in these applications to increase usability of DHTML or standard web applications. Flex also allows richer, more usable application interfaces with need-based look and feel, an aspect that is increasingly becoming a reason for its acceptance.

Flash Audio / Video Streaming

Our custom Flash development services follows a process oriented development methodology designed to minimize risk factors and development time. Our processes are honestly focused on business solutions that fulfill the client's and user's goals.

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