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Flash ActionScript and Gaming

Flash has a potential to interact with popular Web browsers using ActionScript flash scripting language, a language that is quite similar to JavaScript, VBScript, and JScript. Flash ActionScript functions can be used to make content highly interactive using ActiveX control that offer other additional features and events for using Flash Player movies.

ActionScript is the scripting language used by Flash. It makes your Flash content interactive. ActionScript provides a more efficient way to do things in Flash, from creating simple animations through designing complex, data-rich, interactive application interfaces. As the scripting language for Flash, ActionScript has evolved incrementally over many releases. There are two versions of ActionScript: ActionScript 1.0 and ActionScript 2.0.

Facts about Flash ActionScript 1.0 & 2.0 are:
  1. Neither ActionScript 1.0 nor ActionScript 2.0 is case-sensitive. However, Flash Player 7 and Flash Player 8 are case-sensitive.
  2. For a large-scale Flash application or presentation that contains a lot of code, using ActionScript 2.0 simplifies the development process and provides more debugging information than ActionScript 1.0.
  3. Choose ActionScript 1.0, if you are building a SWF file that targets an old version of Flash Player, such as a mobile device application, ActionScript 1.0 is compatible with Flash Player for a number of devices.
At SynapseIndia, our team of flash programmers has the expertise to design and develop flash web sites and flash intros for businesses and flash based applications using flash scripting language ActionScript 1.0 and ActionScript 2.0. Flash animations and intros that we develop can be easily integrated into a web site to make it highly interactive. We have designed and developed various flash web sites and other applications like presentations, animations, cartoon, games & movies, banners, screensaver, action games, flash chat, remoting based solutions and flash applications using Flash MX to the global clients from India.

Our flash developers have proved their expertise in flash action scripting and games development by developing attractive flash games, movies, and presentations etc. for our clients. Moreover, we also provide creative custom solutions which are developed according to the client's specifications.

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Flash Application Development

Our custom web development services follows a process oriented development methodology designed to minimize the risk factors and development time. The processes are honestly focused on business solutions that fulfill the client's and user's goals.

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