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Flash Remoting

Flash Remoting is a great technology, a masterpiece from Adobe that provides a network communication channel between Flash and your web application server, making it fast and easy to create Rich Internet Applications. Basically, it provides a very easy to use method to send data back and forth from Flash to the server with its powerful and simple programming model. Moreover, it enables integration of rich Flash content with applications built using Microsoft .NET, Java, and SOAP-based web services.

Flash MX enables developers to make use of the existing business logic with the rich API (application interface) instead of deploying more content for the .NET server. Flash Remoting is natively a Java implementation but also can be used with J2EE as well. Hence it supports all the Java and J2EE resource like objects, beans, classes, and EJB.

Flash Remoting Communication Process

Figure - Flash Remoting Communication Process

As per the above figure, communication between Flash and the application server is done through HTTP protocols. Flash Remoting services handle all the back and forth data requests. The data can come in the form of strings, integers, arrays, objects, recordsets, and much more. Flash Remoting components must be present for all this to take place. These components contain the necessary ActionScript that serves as an API for making remote service calls using Flash Remoting. Along with these components comes an ingenious tool called the NetConnection debugger. This debugger allows you to trace and watch events on both the client and server. This happens in real time and is a great enhancement to the debugging process compared to older, pre-MX methods.

Flash Remoting Service does serialize Flash objects, send them to the server, de-serialize them and give them to the flash application in an unpreserved method. Another performance advantage over Web Services is to send the message in "AMF" format, a binary form that helps in making the messages much smaller than plain xml.

The team of Flash programmers at Synapse possesses the right combination of expertise and professionalism to make rich Internet flash remoting applications, thereby providing cutting edge solutions to the worldwide enterprises. Ask for a free quote to achieve the business objective with such an application in today's highly competitive market.

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Our custom web development services follows a process oriented development methodology designed to minimize the risk factors and development time. The processes are honestly focused on business solutions that fulfill the client's and user's goals.

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Flash Remoting

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