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Flash Rich Internet Applications

Flash Rich Internet Applications mean such applications that support a broad set of media, like various fonts, bitmap and vector graphics, flash animation, conferencing, real time movie files with audio and video feature in web services, and more. These web applications support following major data container formats:
  • Graphics including JPEG, TIF, GIF, PNG, etc.
  • Rich media including Flash SWF, SVG, ViewPoint MTS, etc.
  • E-business and publishing including RSS, a wide range of EDI, etc.
  • Desktop office data including Adobe PDF, Open Office Microsoft Office 2003, etc.
In fact, there are hundreds of other published APIs that are based on XML, but all major Rich Internet Applications development systems have wrapped up XML due to the data interoperability architecture.

Flash has acquired large web usage even before acquiring the ability to deliver a full range of RIA solutions. Flash Rich Internet Applications delivering front end applications combine desktop software functionality at low cost with the broad accessibility to the web. Effective user experiences can indeed make a big difference to your business using Flash Rich Internet Applications.

Why Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) has emerged so rapidly in the IT business and how it benefits end users, IT organizations, and business as well?

  • Success rate of End-User transactions has increased
  • Easy and fast evolvement of Online Businesses in online marketplace
  • Reducing the cost to Application Development.
  • Reducing cost to IT Infrastructure
  • Streamlining development
  • Supporting industry business standards
  • Offering more interactive and Real-Time User Experience
  • Introducing more featured interface with multiple options to save time
Flash offers Rich Application Starter Kit for IT professionals and development managers to get started on building their first pilot project independently so as to evaluate the business and technology. In today's IT competitive business edge, Flash has provided the most effective experiences for rich content, applications and communications across browser, operating system, and devices.

We at SynapseIndia use IRAs (Rich Internet Applications) in some extraordinary ways to offer global outstanding web applications to organizations worldwide.

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Flash Application Development

Our custom web development services follows a process oriented development methodology designed to minimize the risk factors and development time. The processes are honestly focused on business solutions that fulfill the client's and user's goals.

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Flash Rich Internet Applications

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