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IT Outsourcing & Offshore Development Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): SynapseIndia

FAQs about IT Outsourcing & Offshore Development

Q.  Why should I consider outsourcing development?
In such a competitive IT business trend, success is highly dependent not only on business promotion, but on the right tools, including the right customized software solutions especially for your business's needs & market users requirements. To get personalized or customized software solutions as per business requirements that can solve all your business problems, you have to outsource the development.

This development can be outsourced to a team of professionals who can develop a software product particularly for you as per your specifications. Instead of using any available standard software solution from the market customized or personalized versions can boost your business to new heights. Some advantages of outsourcing are cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and that it puts you ahead of your competition.

Q.  For what services is Outsourcing particularly advantageous?
Website design and development, Software development, Software support, Help Desk, Call Center Data Entry / Transcription

Q. What factors are important in an outsourcing location?
Education level, Computer literacy, Technical Skills, Telecommunications infrastructure, Cost of Living, Work Ethic, Language, Location, proximity to U.S.

Q. What is the common factor that has to be taken care of in the outsourcing process?
Prior to outsource your project first you should confirm and ensure the following factors:
  • Check Credentials and Track Records
  • References
  • Understanding Business Objectives
  • Communication and ask for samples
  • Technical Competence / Process Methodologies
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Post Development Support
Q: Which company would be the right to outsource my project?
The success of your outsourcing project depends on many things, and choosing the right company to develop your solution is one of the most important things to consider. Choosing the right organization to outsource is a very tough task, it's very context sensitive and any single company may not prove good for all your needs. It's quite important to identify the key technical and management issues in outsourcing. Few prime factors that have to focus on are:
  • The vision and mission of the company in evaluation
  • Balance sheets of the previous years
  • Client lists (with successful live products)
  • Infrastructure
  • Relevant experience background
  • Development Process / Methodology / Product Approach?
  • Client's profile of communication &
  • Payment Gateway or options
Q: How is SynapseIndia different from other outsourcing software companies?
We are a good choice for your outsourcing project because:
  • The approach we use allows us to develop more reliable solutions in less time and with less developers, thus saving your time and budget;
  • All our developers are highly skilled and experienced specialists;
  • All the software projects we have been involved in have been successfully completed; We can be easily contacted at any stage of the development process - moreover, you follow this process right from the start and until you obtain a completed solution and can provide feedback thus being in full control.
Q. How can I benefit from working with SynapseIndia?
SynapseIndia assures that your projects will be done on time, within budget, and in accordance with international standards. You can outsource your IT projects to SynapseIndia, ranging from a simple utility to a total automation of your business. It is confidential and reliable. Copyright on the final software belongs to you. Also, due to abundant IT talents in India, SynapseIndia can offer you an attractive price.

Q. What programming experience does SynapseIndia have?

SynapseIndia is working on almost all technologies and can provide programming for all Windows platforms, Solaris, and Linux. The technologies list includes Visual C++, Visual Basic, XML, Perl with DBI/DBD, ASP, PHP, CGI, Delphi, and Socket Programming. Our development team has collective technical experience of all most 15 years. SynapseIndia have developed software systems that SynapseIndia Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL and Access databases. SynapseIndia has developed expertise in System Programming, Network Programming, Web Application and client -server based application programming.

Q. What makes SynapseIndia unique?
Expertise, experience, reliability, and flexibility combined with low prices & market presence.

Q. How can I be sure in your productivity and that you don't overcharge me?
You monitor every process of our entire development phase. Every phase has material results that you can see and review. If required, SynapseIndia can provide Individual in charge of Accounting and Status Reporting. The complete scope of the work is defined at the initial phase of development and approved by you. Of course, SynapseIndia is interested in long-term cooperation and business with their clients.

Q. How do you determine the entire development cost to any project?
First, complete information is gathered about the required product and its functionality specifications from the client, then a proposal doc is prepared on the basis of analyzed specifications and client's need. We send this DOC to client for verification and further modification, if required. After the final confirmation to the requirements of the product's functionality, we estimate the cost to the product on the basis of the inclusive resources, modules and man power. The cost to the product can be determined at per hour basis or a fixed cost to the product. Follow up questions are asked, and past similar projects are for costing guidelines.

Q. How do you control time spent in the project?
During the preliminary review, we divide the projects in various modules to estimate the actual consumption of time. On that basis, SynapseIndia submits the workload (in man hours) for your reference. At this point, it's our duty to carry out the schedule strictly.

Q. What makes a typical software package provided by SynapseIndia?
A typical software package contains:
  • Software Product
  • Quality Assurance Documentation
  • Requirements documentation and design documentation
  • User's Guide
  • On-line context-sensitive help
  • Installation program and instructions
  • Complete documented source code
  • Maintenance instructions & Technical Support
Q. Can I get an overview about the cost of my software system?
Yes, no doubt. Just contact the SynapseIndia team, our analysts will approach you as soon as possible. After analyzing your particular requirements, they will present you our free preliminary review.

Q. How do clients control the projects progress?
You do have full control over the development progress to the product; our ADMIN controls and manage our development process to all the live projects. We also submit a weekly report to our clients by e-mail, including the work completed that week and the work plan for the next week. This ensures there will be no unpleasant surprises at the end of the development. We also appreciate the client's inputs during the entire development life cycle.

Q. How can I be assured of high quality, reliable software?
Our workflow is aimed at quality and only quality. You will have preliminary versions of the software installed at your location for internal testing, verification and acceptance. During the warranty period, after the software was installed in production mode online, any bug in the code will be fixed at no cost.

Q. What are the reasons for a high rate of failure among software projects?
1) Insufficient user input
2) Objectives are not clear
3) Incomplete Requirements and Specifications
4) Frequent changes in requirements and specifications
5) Poor scheduling

Q. How will we be communicating with the development team and on the documentation provided?
1) Language - all communications about the projects can be done in English with the respective project manager or project members
2) Documentation - all the related documentations are composed in English
3) Communication Channels: We have the facility and possibilities to communicate with our clients on phone and through chat messengers

Q. How do you manage testing and delivery on the contracted work?
SynapseIndia performs testing at three different stages. They are plan testing at system analyzing phase, unit testing at coding phase and integration testing after the projects has been completed. So each project experiences 3-phase testing: Alpha version, Beta version and final version

Frequently Asked Questions

The SynapseIndia team is here to assist you with any of your queries related to outsource software development, web designing, development life cycle including project management, systems analysis and design, software development, implementation and training etc.

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