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Web Designing Tips

How you design a website is how visitors view your product or service. In other words, a website is simply a representation of your products or services on the Internet. What image you want to impart through your website entirely depends on you. There are ample examples of wonderfully designed websites that have totally failed to achieve what they were designed to achieve. On the other hand, there are websites that are simple, but are serving their purpose.

Successful designing of a website is not a single step but a series of steps that starts with evaluating the purpose of the website and ends with popularizing it in search engines. Here are some basic facts that need to be considered while designing a website.

Motive: before designing a website you should be clear about why you are designing it, who are your target customers, what do you want your website to achieve, etc. If you want your website to be informative put more emphasis on the content rather than the graphics. Similarly, if brand promotion is your primary target then limiting your text content is not a bad idea.

In short, be very specific of your purpose and stick to it while designing your website.

Functionality: a website must be functional if you want it to be successful. Design a good website, not a mere good looking website. Incorporating some of the latest eye-catching designs and technologies are rendered useless unless your website is functional.

Design: One of the more critical aspects behind the success of a website is its user-friendliness. You can use large graphics, fancy fonts, and an array of other things to make your website look great but unless users find it easy to navigate all your efforts are completely wasted. When a visitor visits your website, he generally has a purpose and your website should fulfill that. Unnecessary slow download, unnecessary numbers of clicks are just not advisable. In short, the purpose of the website should be conveyed at the very first glimpse of it.

Content: Content is of vital importance. Whether you are selling a product or a service, remember to explain its benefits, features, descriptions, etc to the users. In short, try to make your website a complete source of information about everything related to your product of service.

Upgrading: Keep upgrading your website on a regular basis. Remember, your visitors will keep returning to your website once they find it useful and you have to be prepared for that. Seeing the same website again and again might create a feeling or boredom among visitors.


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