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Basics of Web Designing

What is a website?
Why do we need a website?
How is a website created?
Tips for creating a website.
Importance of feedback.
A website is like an online profile of your company, displaying the products and services of your company that enhances your approach to the online community and markets your products and services as well. It represents you to the online viewers, which is why a properly designed website is so important. Simply put, a website should not only disseminate information about your company and its products, but should have a disciplined use of aesthetics, layout, content, and rest of the elements on it.

Today, to thrive in such a competitive industry, you need to have a strong online presence to make your product or services popular. This is the reason why having a website is so important- to let people know and have the benefits of your services and solutions.

Website designing and website development are both challenging and fun for a website developer. The purpose of designing a website carefully is not only to make it look flashy or win awards but to accomplish the intended goal of the site. To ensure that the goals of designing a website are accomplished, it's a good idea to write down the goal or theme of your website before starting any website designing & development work. This will help you design and present the website as a whole.
Some steps for starting with a website design:  
1. Remember that the home page is the first impression: The first page or the Home Page of your web site should be a concise description of the website. Don't make this page too busy - entice visitors to dig deeper into your website text and interesting graphics.
2. Design the site, not the pages: Your primary concern should be the site's overall design. When starting with a new design, you should try to create a design that will make sense to users, has a consistent look and feel, and is not too difficult to extend in the future.
3. Make it easy to get around your site: Customers should be able to navigate easily to any page in your web. It's important to link in a consistent and well thought out manner so that users learn to navigate. Have clear links on your pages and add links to other sites only when necessary or on a special links page at the end of your site. You want visitors to go through your site before surfing off to another.
4. View your site through the eyes of a stranger: Once you have completed you site outline, view it in other browsers. Does it look like the way you wanted it to look? Don't forget to tell the world about your new website. Make sure that your URL is mentioned on your company business cards, letter heads, brochures, phone systems, etc. Swap links with other related web sites and consider banner advertising. List your site with the major search engines, but read their rules of submission first.
Ask users about your site:
Create a survey and reward responses. Ask friends to check out the site and then grill them on what they thought about it. This can be valuable input on what improvements are needed. Often, users can be thrown by things a designer might never see as a problem. Don't ever stop looking for ways to improve your website. Subscribe to professional E-zines, and keep surfing the web doing market research. What are your competitors doing and how improved they are in comparison to your approach? Ask for feedback from your friends, relatives, and customers. They will often see things with fresh eyes.


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