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Banner Design India

Banners are undoubtedly the most popular and widespread method of advertising on the Internet. So popular is banner advertising these days that almost each and every website has a banner advertisement of some form or the other on it. But creating a banner is not as easy as it sounds. It's not just boasting about your technological skills to the visitors. In fact it's much more than that. Your entire advertising message has to come out through a small banner and there lies its significance. In other words, using attractive colors and flashy animations does not ensure success. It is the amount of complex marketing technology and conceptualization that has been put in the making of a banner that counts.

We, at SynapseIndia know the art of banner design. We design banners that really work for you and make a difference in your online business. What makes us successful is the fact that we don't believe in creating templates. Rather, we emphasize on conceptualizing and creating banners solely for you and your requirements.

Some basic concepts that we follow while creating a banner:

Small file size: one of the prerequisites of a successful banner is its size. A large .GIF or .JPG file takes time to load and by the time it's downloaded the visitor may have gone to the next page. In such a case the entire effort is wasted.

Call to Action: a call to action is the easiest way to grab attention. A simple ‘click here' or ‘sign up now' will urge the visitor to do something rather than aimlessly see the advertisement start and finish.

Animation: a moving object gathers attention. It's true for a banner also. When the whole idea behind making a banner is to get through to the visitors, a simple static banner which doesn't have any impact on the visitors' mind means efforts wasted. A simple animated banner works wonders in these cases.

Content: a good punch word is the most important thing that makes a banner successful. Simply by focusing on the benefits rather than the features, and how your product or service will help the visitors will go to a great extent in promoting the desired message.

Last but not the least a banner must be placed on a similar site. After all, if your banner is not viewed by your target audience then what is it made for?

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Our experienced web design team develops very unique, competitive, attractive website products with a strong functional interface. A proper use of web design elements: logos and graphics, journalism, aesthetics and layout, ease of navigation that gives credibility to the website.

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